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Maintaining the balance of the body’s internal environment

Meet the rich supplement of intelligent cellular nutrition, which provides a healthy pH-balance.

DeLixir pH-Balance – is the elixir that improves the body’s acid-base balance.

It contains a unique combination of alkalizers, as well as spirulina and turmeric for the best possible recovery.

DeLixir pH-Balance – a revolutionary formula for maintaining healthy balance in the body.

In the internal environment of our body it is vital to maintain the acid-alkaline balance. However, most of the foods we eat cause “acidification” of the internal environment of an organism.

The most popular products on our table – meat and fish, cheeses, sweets, white bread, sauces – are acidic.

The increase in acidity causes the body to malfunction, which in turn causes serious problems.

DeLixir pH-Balance contains unique alkaline compounds, which gently restore the body to a healthy balance.

In addition, spirulina and turmeric normalize the body’s normal functions.

DeLixir pH-Balance perfectly matches DeVita Ritm Base, ensuring a harmonious work of the organs and effective recovery.

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