It relieves stress, activates a person’s vital resources and creates the body’s energy balance

The multi-year research of penetration into the psycho-emotional level of man led the DEHolding scientific team to the creation of the DeVita “ENERGY 8” device.

The uniqueness of the device lies in the fact that it affects the protection of DNA from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation from household appliances and additionally from the 5G Internet network.

In addition, it contributes to the psycho-emotional detoxification of the person, discharging negative emotions and anything that weakens the energy fields of the person.

The new sophisticated device “ENERGY 8”

Get rid of psychotoxins
It is an energy shield against negative people and situations
It relieves psycho-emotional stress
Participates in the elimination of subconscious limitations
Gives the body energy and rejuvenation
It mobilizes the body’s self-regulatory functions
Regulates the body’s detoxification functions
It protects against geopathogenic loads and electromagnetic overload
It helps to restart the immune system


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