The Cordypine drink is a blend of quality cordyceps mushrooms with pineapple juice after natural fermentation.

DXN Cordypine is a powerful formula as the pineapple enzymes after fermentation work synergistically with cordyceps mushrooms, giving a unique combination of properties and excellent performance for your body!

DXN Cordypine is an enzyme drink with a composition of fermented pineapple juice and cordyceps mushrooms 6 months. DXN Cordypine is a very powerful formula as Cordypine actively works with cordyceps, giving better results and excellent performance. The alkalizing drink is suitable for all ages in the family and regular consumption is good to maintain and improve our body system. In addition to protein digestive enzymes, pineapple enzymes also consist of:
– Phosphatase
– Oxidase
– Bromelain
– Rich in vitamin C, B1 and B6
– Copper
-Dietary fiber
– Cordycep nutritional facts (to be developed later)
Pineapple enzymes taken orally will not be destroyed by hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Research and medical reports from around the world have shown that pineapple enzymes have the following functions:
* Anti-inflammation.
*Relieves muscle and joint pain.
* Improved healing power.
*Elimination of dead cells from wounds.
* Improving its inflammation
* Improvement of the respiratory system.
* Improvement of the digestive system.
* Improvement of the gastrointestinal tract
* Reduce viscosity and stickiness in
the blood.
* Reduce the risk of stroke and
blood vessel related problems.
* Able to control its spread
certain cancer cells in the body.
100% natural raw materials. At every stage of production priority is given to the quality of DXN products. International standards ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and TGA Recognitions.
* Dissolving phlegm.

Ingredients: Pineapple juice, sugar, Cordyceps mushrooms and lemon juice

EOF Notification: No. First Notice EOF: 24076�2-04-2012

Packaging: 700ml TIMH 128 EUR


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