Bioresonance   it is based on the scientifically proven principle of quantum electrodynamics according to which the cells of our body emit and receive electromagnetic signals.

In our body, we have many different forms of energy. One of them is electromagnetic, which is expressed by oscillations (frequencies).

Each vital organ, each human tissue, like everything around us, emits its own special frequency called eigenfrequency. All the instruments together make up everyone’s personal electromagnetic field.


The presence of a host such as parasites , virusesbacteria  affect this field, since additional frequencies make their appearance, and as a consequence  a decrease in the speed of communication between cells is observed.

The body’s reaction speed slows down, leaving it exposed & vulnerable. This results in diseases manifesting faster.


Special diagnostic machines used in electromagnetic resonance have the ability to detect the foreign frequencies of pathogenic microorganisms, while the corresponding therapeutic devices have the ability to deconstruct the pathogenic causes so that the organism comes into balance.

It is a fact that the human body has an enormous capacity for Self-Assessment & Self-healing, which, in addition to microbial loads, are also caused by the lifestyle we follow.

Causes that prevent self-protection:

  • Dietary habits – foods – Lack of SUPERNUTRITIONS – DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS
  • Psychological/Emotional Factors
  • Drugs
  • Contaminated Environment
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Electromagnetic Charge
  • Lack of Daily Exercise
  • Bad Hydration
  • Lack of Positive Energy & Gratitude


The fatigue and the degeneration that occurs in the organs and systems of our organism becomes visible through the emission of corresponding pathological and now disturbed oscillations.

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