53-year-old Harvard professor “spurred” a decade off him with 4 simple habits

53-year-old Harvard professor “spurred” a decade off him with 4 simple habits

ANTIGING How he managed to have cells of the same age as those of a healthy 43-year-old. When did he start changing his habits? A professor of genetics at Harvard University who studies aging and ways to slow it down claims he “knocked off” a decade by incorporating “four simple habits” into their daily lives.Dr. David Sinclair is 53 years old today. He maintains, however, that his biological age, as reflected in his genetic tests, is 43 years old. Biological age looks at the health of cells, not the date people were born.As stated by Dr. Sinclair, was not always in this state. About two decades ago he ate a lot, drank a lot and was overweight. But by changing his diet to eat mostly plant-based foods and cutting back on alcohol, he saw a big difference in his body and himself. than if I hadn’t changed anything in my life,” he said. The professor, who has written a book on aging and longevity and has also set up a website promoting his views, says there are four main habits that they keep him young. Here they are:


All antiaging programs include almost daily exercise. It contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass and bone health, is good for the heart and brain, and protects against inflammation and obesity. All this protects the cells from premature aging. Dr. Sinclair says she does aerobics at least three times a week. This can be:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Walk or run

He also uses a standing desk, so he doesn’t spend his day sitting.


To slow down aging we must eat intermittently, Dr Sinclair emphasizes. He himself, he says, tries whenever possible to eat his food within a few hours of the 24-hour period, remaining fasting during the rest. Intermittent feeding has been the subject of intensive studies in recent years, because it is believed to provide many benefits to the body. Many experts recommend that we try to eat our last meal before 8pm. We must also fast for at least the next 12 hours (if not until 12 noon).


As mentioned above, plant-based foods have been the mainstay of his diet for years. 


Stress and irritation cause premature aging and shave years off life, he argues. This is due to the association that chronic stress has with inflammation. Chronic inflammation in turn puts the body at increased risk of developing:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Sleep problems

Chronic stress can also cause changes in the DNA of cells, accelerating aging. To avoid all this, Dr. Sinclair says she finds some time every day to relax. He also avoids working with irritating people. It goes without saying that the professor also has some other habits that are decisive (e.g. he completely avoids exposure to cigarettes and other chemicals), but he used to follow them as well.

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